Danielle L’Heureux

This gym is a must if you are looking to train BJJ. As a woman making the decision to try a sport dominated by men can definitely be intimidating. Upon walking through the door of Evolution my fears quickly disappeared as I was greeted with handshakes from smiling members of the team along with the owners/trainers. My first class had me hooked and I was excited to learn more. Its been 6 months now and I can say that the day I started training with Evolution was the best life changing decision I have ever made.

Jeremy and Derek take the extra time needed to help a newcomer with instruction on warm ups, drills, and moves to advance their skills. They have endless unrelenting patience, and are never going to get frustrated, even if you feel like you are asking a question for the 234th time. Both owners are great with children and you can see their true passion for the sport when they run their kids classes. They provide a safe environment that is also filled with fun, keeping all walks of life engaged in the process. They are proud of their work, and of their members, whether you are just looking to change up your workout, or if you’re planning to compete.

If you are looking to try out BJJ, don’t make the mistake of going somewhere other than Evolution. You will not be disappointed!!!